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BOS sewage treatment plant, the key module of zero-discharge system of sewage and kitchen waste, has obtained CCS type approval certificate recently, which marks the successful R&D of sewage treatment plant and enrichment of CHIT’s anti-pollution equipment.

BOS sewage treatment plant uses soft plate membrane MBR instead of the conventional MBR process, which increases the contact area of biochemical reaction and reduces the pre-treatment procedures. It can adjust amount of inlet water automatically in accordance with the water level in the membrane chamber so as to cancel the pretreatment tank. Under the premise of meeting the discharging standard, the STP covers an area of about 1/2 of the standard MBR process and 1/3 of the traditional swage treatment plant under the premise of meeting the discharging standard.

BOS sewage treatment plant has a total of 10 models, which can meet the treatment capacity of hydraulic load from 1400L/day to 28000L/day and organic load from 0.7kg/day to 14kg/day as well as treatment of gray water, meeting the needs of most customers.

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